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Bringing brands to life in a digital landscape by leveraging Social Media Platforms. 

  • Build a unique social strategy, starting from the bottom up, by first outlining goals. 

  • Establish a timeline and approach to accomplishing company specific goals.

  • Create and collect a library of digital assets.

  • Curate engaging content for promotion and maintaining presence. 


  • Photography

Product, Portrait, Hobby, Landscape. 

Recreation features are my passion but I enjoy capturing all details of the world through my perspective. 

  • Social Media

Content Development

Curate written content for social platforms on topics including product/service description, event promotion, and brand awareness. 

  • Brand & Strategy

Direction Development 

Identify tangible and intangible brand elements & set goals, create a social media brand guide, and develop a strategic social timeline.

  • Analytics Tracking

Social Analytics Tracking 

Identify areas of optimization, track patterns, measure growth.




Movement is my passion. I discovered the most profound moments of my life to have taken place in a time my body was in motion. There is familiarity in it, a simple joy in feeling life flow through me as I bike to the top of a mountain, and of course, back down!

This desire for seeking adventure was likely derived from a childhood spent in the dewy air of a small Washington farm, building mud-pies under a walnut tree with my two older brothers.

Nevertheless, exploring new ways to experience the world has been a guiding factor in the life I've lived and the one I aspire toward each day.

Realizing this deep-rooted longing for movement in myself has motivated me to design a life around creativity and adventure. I am passionate about driving my personal growth as well as the growth of other like-minded businesses.


In turn, I established Lofthouse Creative, LLC with the mission of helping small brands build BIG communities and inspire relationships with consumers who also find purpose in movement.


I've been in the industry of relationship development most of my life. From roles in customer service to sales strategy & development, you could say I am a jack of all trades. Through seeing the ground floor up of different businesses, both large and small, I've developed a wide breadth of knowledge in various industries. As a result, my expertise is in swiftly mastering a topic and captivating an audience with creative value.

University of Wyoming

Bachelor's of Science - Sustainability & Global Markets

Laramie, Wyoming


Prospect Generation & Sales Specialist

Boise, Idaho

Lofthouse Creative, LLC

Consultant - Social Media & Brand Development


Boise, Idaho



Phone 208.918.3768


Location Boise, Idaho

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